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Client of the Month - Stephen Leech

Stephen has been attending Active One group exercise classes for over 10 years. He is one of our most loved clients and over his time with us he has learnt the importance of exercise.

Stephen had a difficult time a few years ago and after a couple of falls and injuring himself he thought that the exercise classes were beyond his ability level.

Stephen stopped coming to exercise classes but was persuaded not to give up and performed one on one exercise appointments to regain some of his strength, balance and confidence. After a brief time of performing specific individualised exercises, Stephen was able to re-join the group he loves. Since then, Stephen has been improving year after year and has not had any falls. Well, until recently when his dog knocked him over.

Thanks to Stephens strength and fitness he had no problems with this recent fall and even praised the most hated “get ups” exercise for his ability to bounce back.

“After having a fall, I had the confidence in myself to get up off the ground. By practicing getting up off the ground in the group exercise classes I was able to confidently get myself up off the ground which I was previously unable to do. Hopefully by sharing my story it may help someone else in the same situation.”

Thanks Stephen, you are an inspiration to all of our clients.

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