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Client of the Month - Carolyn Dornbush

Carolyn Dornbush has been a client at Active One for almost 10 years. Despite her approach as the care-free, socialite and "class clown", her story is actually quite inspirational. Carolyn was referred to Active One Health Professional Group originally with risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. However, since joining us, she has made significant lifestyle changes and up to now, has avoided diabetes and the medications that were suggested she would need.

Carolyn has also had total hip replacement surgery 4 years ago and in October last year had both her knees replaced. Leading up to (and following) surgery she was very committed to her exercises, building strength and mobility around her hips and knees as much as tolerable. Carolyn returned to Active One very soon after surgery and was exercising under our supervision in 1:1 sessions, before quickly returning to our group exercise classes with her many friends.

Her speedy recovery from these operations has been amazing to see. Her range of motion is great, she has minimal pain, and is continuing to work on her strength and balance, both of which have improved significantly. Carolyn reports if she "hadn't been here, there would be no way I could have recovered as quickly from either surgery." In addition, Carolyn has lost around 8kg and attributes her improved quality of life to her regular exercise classes at Active One. Carolyn also particularly enjoys the social aspects of our group classes, encouraging many of her friends to come, she reports they "all love it and benefit also".


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