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Client of the Month - Joe Pizzolo

Joe has been regularly attending our group classes for over 12 years. He is a quiet achiever and well-liked by those around him.

Joe has recently made some big lifestyle changes that have benefited his health immensely. 4 months ago, Joe quit smoking.

Joe previously was a smoker for 55 years, sometimes smoking up to 20 cigarettes per day.

This change has greatly improved Joe’s cardiorespiratory fitness, which was evident on our yearly bike test, where Joe’s time improved 26 seconds from the previous year.

Joe reports that “With the help of medicine called ‘Champix’, my partner and friends, I was able to stop smoking without any withdrawal symptoms.”

I have noticed via my smart watch the following stats:

  • SPO2 levels (amount of oxygen you have circulating in your blood) have gone up from 92% to 97%

  • My resting heart rate has decreased from an average of 62bpm to 58bpm

  • My breathing rate is more constant between 14-18 breathes per min

Other improvements to Joe’s quality of life include:

  • My sleep apnoea has improved and thus I am getting better sleep

  • I no longer cough or have constant phlegm in my lunges

  • My partner says that my skin has improved, my teeth are becoming whiter, and I don’t stink of cigarette smell

  • Over the last 4 months I have saved about $4,000 (based on 20 cigarettes per day at $34 a pack for 120 days)

  • Surprisingly my stress level has improved which I didn’t expect

  • According to statistics my heart attack risk also gradually reduces within 1 year


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