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Client of the Month - Josie Brown

Josie has been coming to Active One now since March this year.

She is a keen long distance walker! She walks 5 times per week between 7-10km each time. Although preferring the outdoors, she enjoys walking on the treadmill in the colder weather too, to keep up her fitness levels.

Josie came to Active One as she hadn`t been exercising for 5 years prior to her starting walking in October. She knew that there was more she could to really help her achieve her goals of improving her overall fitness and improving her strength.

She is currently doing 1 class a week but wants to join for 2 classes in the Winter term.

She finds that joining the classes has helped her get variety into her exercise routine and assisting her in weight loss, toning, and overall fitness.

She is not a morning person but who knew she would get up at the crack of dawn for a 7am class! She really enjoys the friendly and encouraging environment the classes offer and finds the guidance she has gotten on exercises has really given her a good chance at maximising the benefits to her overall goals.

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