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Clients of the Month Lindy and Geoff Fagan

Lindy and Geoff have been exercising in our exercise classes since the start of the year and have made fantastic progress along the way. This is their story:

Lindy was first prompted to attend our classes by a slow healing frozen shoulder. “I had been attending pilates for many years, but felt I also needed more cardiac exercise as well as upper body strength. I was somewhat apprehensive about starting, but I need not have worried, I found the staff care and expertise ensured that my healing was optimal.”

Lindy reports she has always felt better after exercise, both physically and mentally. She has also noticed improvements in her strength, reporting “picking up toddler grandchildren is so much easier, and no longer strains my back”

“I have tried gyms in the past, but find Active One much more motivating. There are creative, novel and challenging exercises each week - invariably something I’ve never done before. I’m now skipping, something I haven’t managed in years – such a cardiac workout! And the great thing is that we can all work at our own pace (but always encouraged by staff to do even better than last time!). Participants have become friends, and we’ll often meet up for a coffee afterwards.”

Lindy’s favourite exercise is swimming, she’s what’s known as an iceberger, swimming in the bay year round. “As well as the physical benefits, the endorphins are amazing. I get into the bay most days, but while I had the frozen shoulder it was frustrating not being able to swim. Still, I kept going - some breaststroke was possible, and was some compensation, I really miss it if I can’t get there.”

“Apart from swimming, I’m a passionate gardener, growing as many of our veggies as possible in a limited suburban space. Time in the garden invariably ends up longer than I’d planned, but now I don’t have a strained back, or stiffness the next day. The flexibility and balance I try to maintain by yoga twice weekly complements the strength, balance and cardiac work of Active One. My plan is to continue both for as long as possible. Thanks Active One!”

Geoff has also been coming since the beginning of the year, “one session per week at first; now two per week, with two different teachers, which makes it more interesting, to compare their slightly different styles”. Geoff reports suffering “increasing knee arthritis for a decade, so I have avoided some pain, sadly wasting some leg muscles. Now, with looming knee replacements, I need to strengthen my legs pre-op to help with post-op rehab”

Geoff reports he loves the mix of exercises, cardio, strength, and balance, “this variety ensures that it doesn’t get routine or boring. The skiing machine is the best, since I love to ski in winter.” Geoff enjoys multi-day bushwalks in summer, and the same on skis in winter on backcountry wilderness trips. “Lifting and lugging heavy rucksacks is still (just) possible, and I need ActiveOne to keep me going for a few more years yet.” He is also a grandparent, and finds “wrangling our seven grandchildren, primary school age and younger, could be a health hazard, if not for keeping flexible, strong, and fit.”

We look forward to working with Lindy and Geoff for many more years.


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