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Client of the Month - Jenny Goodsir

Since arriving in March 2022 Jenny has come along way. She started off just completing 1 session a week, this was quickly increased to 3 session a week has signed up to the membership after experiencing all the benefits of completing Active One group sessions.

Jenny was initially referred to Active One for management of diabetes. Working alongside Lisa, our diabetics educator, Jenny has made many lifestyle changes. She has changed the way she eats, and now eats more nutritious meals that keep her more energised and fuller for longer. She has increased her exercise to completing 3 Active One group exercise sessions a week and is more active at home. Finally, she has immersed herself into the Active One social culture of going out to coffees with her fellow class members after the sessions and you can always find her staying back talking to people and helping them out.

Jenny’s movement ability has rapidly improvement since her taking up the group classes. She is now running around with her nephews on the weekends with ease and can keep up with them without resting. She is stronger throughout her entire body, and tasks that were once quite hard are being completed without a second thought. Jenny has stated that the exercise classes have made her job easier as well. Being early childhood educator, she has been able to pick up the children in her class without straining and she has been able to engage with the children more, running around after them all day.

It is wonderful having such a positive bubbly personality in our exercise classes. She always brings great energy, and everyone love training with her.

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