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Everything you need to know about occupational therapy

Here at Active One Group, one of the key services we provide to our Frankston and Brighton clients is occupational therapy. Many elements are involved within occupational therapy—the OT team at Active One Group places a strong emphasis on helping our clients to live more independently and providing rehabilitation services.

If you would like to know more about occupational therapy or you think that you or your loved one may benefit from seeing an occupational therapist, be sure to have a read of our helpful guide below.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy assists individuals who are experiencing difficulty completing everyday tasks. Occupational therapists, or OTs, work with people of all ages including children and older people. An OT’s role is to assist people who are having difficulties with any activity that ‘occupies’ their time (hence the term “occupational”)—this may include tasks such as looking after yourself, participating in social activities, attending work or school.

Some of the circumstances where the help of an occupational therapist may be required include:

· Assisting a person with an illness, injury or if they are living with a disability to build their independence in completing their activities of daily living

· Ensuring that a person’s home is safely set up according to their needs

· Arranging trials and prescribing suitable aids and equipment to assist people to overcome difficulties they are having with everyday tasks.

Benefits of seeing an occupational therapist

There are countless benefits of occupational therapy. Firstly, an occupational therapist can assist tremendously with improving an individual’s independence, thus also helping with their overall quality of life. Other key advantages of occupational therapy include:

  • Helps a patient to improve strength & endurance for completing everyday tasks

  • Assists with cognition which is required for daily functional tasks

  • OTs work holistically, taking into account ‘the whole picture’ of a person’s life.

Should I see an occupational therapist?

If you would like further information on occupational therapy from a professional in the Melbourne region, the team here at Active One Group is always here to assist. Or feel free to download and complete a referral form which you can find on our website. You can also reach us on 03 8707 0830.


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