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Client of the Month – John Tonzing

John has been with Active Once since 2017, he first met our Exercise Physiologists when he was attending Cardiac Rehab at Peninsula Health.

During stage 3 lockdown John took advantage of our smaller exercise groups and attended twice/week with fellow members.  He found this a great way to maintain his strength and fitness as he knew he wouldn’t have been able to do it at home by himself.  During stage 4 John has been walking a lot.  He has been incorporating hills into his walks to challenge himself.

John enjoys the social interaction of our group classes and has made some wonderful friends.  John has been touched at how friendly everybody was when he first came to Active One.  Another benefit of training here has been a huge improvement in John’s balance.  John enjoys the variety of machines and exercises during his classes and appreciates receiving technique instruction from our EP’s.

One of John’s favourite exercises involves the cable machine because he has both feet on the floor!  His least favourite exercise is planking although he is improving.  The EP he would like to train the most is Trent – for payback!


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