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Driving your way to independence!

Returning to driving after a significant injury, illness or new diagnosis can be a daunting process for anyone.

You may have a disability that has been a barrier in getting your license through the mainstream system and would like assistance to do this. One of the processes you may be asked to undertake is an OT driving assessment.

The process:

  • Once VicRoads has informed you that you will need an OT driving assessment, you will need to get medical clearance from your GP or Medical Specialist. Depending on your condition, you may also need an Eyesight test to ensure that your vision is adequate to drive safely.

  • Once this has been completed, you will come to us – your OT Driver Assessors.

  • We will complete an Off-Road Assessment (a variety of physical, cognitive, sensory and road knowledge assessments), before we get in the car with a qualified driving instructor and observe your driving skills (On-Road Test).

  • If you need some extra practice after your first driving assessment, we may recommend a Driver Rehabilitation Program. These lessons may include customised lessons with a specialised driving instructor, tailored to your specific needs.

Sometimes, clients require modifications to their vehicle to make it possible for them to drive. These might include a left foot accelerator, a spinner knob, or hand controls. You might also need assistance modifying your car to support your transfers, wheelchair accessibility, or storage of your wheelchair. Your OT Driver Assessor will support you in trialling these modifications, completing a driving assessment with the most suitable modifications, and (where applicable) gaining funding for these modifications, as needed.

We understand the OT driving assessment process can be a stressful time, so we invite any questions or queries you may have to ease your concerns. Our goal is to keep you and the community as safe and independent as possible.

If you or a loved one would benefit from an OT Driver Assessment, feel free to contact our friendly team to enquire and start the process!


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