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What have our OTs been learning lately?

Our OTs have such a large range of skills and knowledge that they need to develop to help achieve the varying goals of all of our different clients. It is important to Active One that our OT’s are constantly learning about new products and treatments to stay the leaders in the field. Here are a couple of the recent learning experiences our team of OTs participated in.

Capital Special Vehicles specialises in the provision of wheelchair accessible vehicles and cars that make the driving and transportation of people with disabilities as easy as possible. Our OT’s were able to improve their knowledge on the latest technology on varying hand control, car hoists and lifts for scooters and wheelchairs, and full car modifications to suit wheelchair access. A great day all round.

You can see our smiley AHA Renee trying out the alternative hand controls. It is fantastic to be able to assist our client gain the independence that comes from being able to drive themselves around.

Motion Wheelchairs provided an in-service development day where our OTs thoroughly enjoyed trialing the new technology that Motion offers. We love working with suppliers like Motion that create products that can be fully customised to suit each individual.

Our wheelchair clients spend a lot of their life in their chair so it is important to make sure they have a high quality chair that is comfortable and suited to their needs.

This image show our OT’s trialing a method of assessing client’s postural needs through a specific back moulding system, and the standing function on a powered wheelchair to assist with pressure relief.

More recently Active One have facilitated a clinic based Upper Limb PD in-service for our OT and EP team members. This session was run by one of our Senior OTs, Caroline, who demonstrated an informative refresher course on upper limb measurement strategies, including assessing clients’ Range of Movement, Strength and Functional Capacity.

In the pictures, you can see our team putting their learned skills to good use by practicing on each other. The aim of this session was to enhance our health professionals’ skills in obtaining statistical information regarding our clients’ capabilities, measuring our clients’ progress through periodic reassessment and distribution of up-to-date, standardised results when writing our complex reports.

It’s very important to Active One that our staff are always learning and keeping up with new technology that we can translate into our work to benefit our clients as much as possible!

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