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OT New Upper Limb Clinic

Over the last couple of months Active One has started up a new Upper Limb Clinic developed by our trusted OT team!

This program aims to support individuals experiencing issues such as restricted hand movement and strength, hand tremors, and/or pain in completing daily living tasks.

Such tasks can include handwriting, typing, carrying items, using cutlery and so on. Our key target clients for this program may be those requiring ongoing support after a Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke), Acquired Brain Injury or client's that have lost functional abilities through conditions such as arthritis.

The program will initially be based in our Active One clinic to facilitate outpatient care services through utilisation of specialised techniques and equipment. Our OTs are very excited about this program, and are eager to begin bringing this high quality service to our clients.

Oran is one of our clients currently involved in our upper limb clinic. He is 19 years old and wants to improve his hand function. He has cerebral palsy and is hoping to seek employment - possibly as a car mechanic. You can see he his practicing his skills here with tightening screws which is a difficult thing to do relying on fine motor skills and lots of patience!

In the upper limb clinic, we focus on what our clients want to achieve in their everyday lives. Whether that's to be able to do up buttons, use a knife and fork, or fix a car - we can help. Using strategies that are evidence based and outcome driven we can design a program to promote the best use of your arms and hands so that you can do the activities that you want to do.


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