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Client of the Month - Trent Anderson

In 2017, Trent was involved in a serious car accident which left him with numerous injuries, chronic pain and unable to work. He was lacking a sense of purpose in life.

He was referred to Active One OT in January 2023 to review his ability to participate in domestic Activities of Daily Living at home. He was also referred to Active One for Exercise Physiology services with Bec McConnell.

Following the initial OT assessment, Trent determined that he would like to return to gardening, so OT Caz arranged for the delivery of some gardening tools (self propelled lawn mower, whipper snipper) as well as some raised garden beds.

Trent has planted out his four garden beds with vegetables and is looking forward to the first harvest.

With his exercise, Bec has gradually improved his exercise tolerance. She has taught him about core activation, bracing whilst lifting weight and worked on his mobility and flexibility as well as general strength. He has come a long way since starting with Bec with significant improvements across the board.

Here's what he has to say...

"Since starting Exercise Physiology sessions my mobility, cardiovascular fitness and pain management have drastically improved. My entire outlook on life has improved. Before starting I thought working again was impossible due to the pain I was in. I was in a negative headspace and I was angry at the world, as work meant a lot to me before my accident and injuries. Now I have a much more positive outlook on everything in my life and I now feel it is achievable to be able to work again. My mind is more open to what I can achieve and do now which I am so grateful for."

Trent has found both teams have worked together on a common goal and that is to improve his quality of life. Our team love working with people like Trent who embrace and commit to lifestyle change; his physical and mental growth have been incredibly inspiring. We hope we can continue to help you smash your goals and build your future with you Trent.


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