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Client of the Month – Peter & Jan Lewis

Peter and his wife Jan have been coming to Active One since August 2019. Peter came to us from cardiac rehab and Jan supported him through his rehab journey. After completing rehab they both decided that they needed to prioritise their health and exercise and signed up for 3 exercise classes per week.

Last year when Covid stopped all of our exercise classes Peter and Jan managed to stay active during lockdown and walk up to 8km’s/day. Pete has been doing our YouTube videos and Jan has been attending her gym at work.

Pete has noticed an improvement in his cardiovascular fitness and strength since attending our group classes. In his former job Pete was a desk worker and was often sitting 8-10 hours/day because he also had a long drive to work. The classes have been a great antidote for that.

Jan enjoys the feedback that she is given during our classes and loves that we take the time to make sure our clients are doing the exercises properly. She has been a member of various gyms and has found this is a big point of difference between Active One and your average gym.

Pete’s favourite exercise is anything cardio – rower/bike etc. and his least favourite is lunges. If he could train one EP it would be Marc…..he calls him the smiling assassin.

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