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Brighton Group Exercise - Client of the Month - Trish Bownas

Trish has been attending our group exercise classes in Brighton for the last couple of years. She recently returned from an overseas adventure to Sri Lanka.

"I was very pleased with myself due to my age and also the fact that last October (5 months ago) I had knee surgery on the meniscus and torn ligaments around the knee. My recovery from this operation was difficult due to the swelling and pain. Patrick (Active One) was fabulous with the manner in which he called me during the recovery to see how I was going, and it was Patrick who actually encouraged me to return to exercise. The idea was to take it easy at first, and then when I became confident, two sessions per week actually prepared me for the adventure in Sri Lanka."

Trish walked countless kms and steps (most of which are even) in hot and humid conditions to visit some beautiful sites, which was only possible given the hard work she had put in, with her exercise.

"The support and guidance from the exercise physiologists who are actually committed to helping clients achieve their goals has inspired gradual change that transformed my life and has enabled me to have the confidence to continue living with loads of interests."

Anything that is fabulous and really worthwhile to see in Sri Lanka requires quite a large amount  of stamina, with a lot of walking and climbing up then down again…..the climb is not on a manicured stair case either as pictured below.

A challenging section of steps, Brighton Group Exercise helped Trish climb these
Interesting landmark in Sri Lanka

Hobbies and Interests:

"Travelling has become a huge part of my life, where I have adventures and see interesting places in Australia and all over the world.

I am a very keen photographer and make a digital photo book of every trip that I do - so that is a hobby.

In order to maintain my ability to do these trips, I have to be fit, and the exercise - especially weights, become essential for me to be able to keep up with the interests and hobbies."

Brighton Group Exercise Classes helped Trish get ready for this challenge.
Trish in readiness for over a thousand steps

My health improvement is absolutely definite and with that I feel so much younger and more confidence.

My other hobbies are;

keeping up with my 2 sons and 3 grandchildren (one lives in London),

socialising with my wider family and

I belong to a charity group where we make children’s clothing and rugs for sick children and mothers in need (ST Kilda Mums is the main charity where they support women in need).

Trish's story is a common one amongst clients at Active One who work hard to maintain their fitness. This enables them to continue to enjoy the things they want to do in retirement, like go on active holidays.

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