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upper limb clinic

Helping clients improve their upper limb strength and function is crucial in completing activities of daily living.

Assistive Technology

Active One offers upper limb therapy from the Frankton and Brighton clinics, as well as home-based therapy for clients who find it difficult to get out and about. We support individuals experiencing issues such as restricted range of motion in their fingers, wrist, elbow or shoulders, reduced strength, hand tremors, and/or pain in completing daily living tasks. 


We see clients with a variety of diagnoses including post-stroke (CVA) and other acquired brain injuries, or musculoskeletal conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.


Active One OTs conduct thorough assessment and plan interventions to improve clients’ upper limb functioning to increase participation in ADLs such as using cutlery, opening jars, doing buttons up and pegging up clothes.  


Small aid prescription to improve upper limb function is also considered, including assistance to arrange trials, and invoices for funding as required.


Regular goal-setting and re-assessment are integral to successful outcomes and clients are expected to participate in homework tasks to ensure carry-over of their improved function into everyday life.


Active One OTs can assist with designing a goal-focused upper limb therapy program.


For NDIS participants, we can provide the necessary supporting documentation to support funding for upper limb therapy in their plan.

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