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palliative care services

Supporting people living with life-limiting conditions by helping to optimise the function and participation of meaningful activities and life roles. 


Palliative care helps people live as fully and as comfortably as possible with a life-limiting illness.

We will work in conjunction with your palliative care team to ensure a holistic and coordinated approach.

We make it a priority to educate ourselves on your individual preferences, and offer a compassionate and responsive service.

The role of the OT may include:

  • Facilitating participation in meaningful activities and maintaining engagement within the community

  • Assisting with the management of symptoms such as fatigue and pain

  • Providing recommendations for appropriate equipment, assistive technology and home modifications

  • Providing recommendations to ensure optimal positioning and comfort while maintaining skin integrity

  • Assisting with planning for the future to address changing needs

  • Supporting the person to remain or return to being cared for in the place of their choice

  • Providing education and training to informal and formal caregivers, including education on safe body mechanics and techniques to reduce risk of injury and strategies to decrease burnout

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