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Medico-legal assessments and reporting

Comprehensive assessments and reporting to support the needs of our clients

Assistive Technology
Financial Report

Our Senior OT team, with a combined experience of over 70 years, specialise in medico-legal assessments, reports and court appearances.  


Our Senior OT’s assess the impact an injury or incapacity has upon a person’s life and functional performance in the completion of their daily activities, including, personal, domestic, community, vocational and educational activities.


Assessments and reports can be completed for any form of incapacity in relation to a wide range of issues or circumstances.  These include:

  • Motor accidents

  • Professional negligence

  • Public liability

  • Work-related injury or illness claims


A comprehensive report is completed following the assessment, which provides recommendations and costings in respect to an individual’s...

  • Preinjury and current functional status

  • Preinjury occupational status (personal, domestic and community)

  • Functional capacity

  • Home environment including environmental barriers to independent function

  • Equipment, assistive devices and/or technology

  • Care needs – personal, domestic and therapy

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