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Assistive Technology Prescription

Assistive technology, also known as aids and equipment, includes a wide variety of devices that can help you to increase your independence with the activities of daily living that are important to you.

Assistive Technology
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Active One OTs frequently prescribe assistive technology, which simply means any aid or piece of equipment that supports a person to complete their activities of daily living.


This can range from something as small as built-up cutlery for poor grip strength, to prescribing a whole electric bed and mattress system that is customised to the person’s needs.

Some examples of assistive technology include:

  • Low-cost aids: kettle tipper, over toilet seat, easy to read cookbook, pick up stick

  • Mid-cost aids: wheeled commode, mobile hoist and sling, lift recliner chair

  • High-cost aids: power wheelchairs, power assist units for manual wheelchairs, bed/mattress system, ceiling hoist


We work with various funding sources (i.e. NDIS, TAC, home care packages and privately funded) and are well-versed in navigating the eligibility criteria of each scheme.


Active One OTs will determine the most suitable options of AT following thorough assessment, and then arrange trials and/or a hire period to ensure suitability and functionality. 


We will ensure that risks are minimised with any AT prescription, and training is an important final step in making sure the AT is working safely and effectively for the person and their carer.


We have established excellent working relationships with various suppliers across Melbourne which ensures our clients have access to an extensive range of AT.


We can also assist with ensuring that the AT you need is included in your NDIS plan.

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