What is Occupational Therapy?

Got an Occupational Therapy assessment coming up and not sure what to expect? Or maybe you always wanted to know how OT’s can help you and your family?

In a 2019 Australian study, researchers found that only 10% of participants could provide a good or advanced description of occupational therapy (Rahja & Laver, 2019). That’s a bit of a problem!

We get it, Occupational Therapy can sound quite confusing, as we work in many different fields! It really comes down to a simple statement: We help people do want they want and need to do in their everyday life.

We work with people who may have difficulties completing daily tasks due to a disability, injury, disease, emotional or developmental challenges, or changes related to aging.

We help people by:

  • Teaching new ways of doing things
  • Assisting with regaining skills and developing new ones
  • Using material and equipment to make tasks easier and safer
  • Adapting environments to work better for you


This short video by Occupational Therapy Australia outlines the main areas of your life that OT’s look at when completing assessment and interventions.

If you’re still not sure about how an OT can help your independence or functional skills, give our friendly team a call on (03) 8707 0830 and they can run you through what to expect from our OT services.

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