The Life! Program.
You may be eligible for a FREE Introductory consultation!

The Life! Program.

Patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke are eligible for the Life! Program.

  • All that is required is a fax or email providing your patient’s name and contact details and a copy of recent blood test results (in the last 12 months) showing fasting BGL/OGTT (evidence for no diabetes) and lipid profile.
  • We will then contact your patient, discuss the program further and arrange for a FREE Introductory consultation
  • 45+ and at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and/or stroke (12+ on AUSDRISK)
  • 18+ and with a history of cardiovascular disease
  • 18+ and with a history of gestational diabetes
  • 18+ and with a history of high cholesterol or a family history of high cholesterol
  • 18+ and with a history of high blood pressure (>180 systolic or >110 diastolic)
  • 18+ and with a history of moderate/severe kidney disease


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