OT driving assessments support clients to get back on the road, with confidence, safety and control.

OT Driver Assessment & Rehabilitation


Supporting drivers with medical issues or disabilities to gain or retain their independence is another key area for Active One’s OTs. We do this by offering comprehensive OT driver assessments, driver rehabilitation and vehicle modifications for people with disabilities. An OT driver assessment may be required due to the potential impact of a disability or medical condition on driving skills.

Our OT driver assessors have an additional qualification and are registered with VicRoads. This allows them to help their clients to either obtain a driver’s licence, or to ensure that current drivers maintain their independence and ability to drive safely.


What does the OT do?

Our role as OT driver assessors is to assess drivers with a disability, and where required, trial and prescribe vehicle modifications/hand controls. OT driver assessors play an important road safety role in assisting VicRoads to meet its responsibilities to ensure that licence holders are safe drivers.

Our OT driver assessors can support their clients with a disability to obtain their drivers licence through comprehensive driver readiness assessment.

This involves:

  • Assessing the pre-curser skills required for safe and independent driving.
  • Recommendations and therapy intervention provided as necessary to assist an individual to become ready for driving.
  • The OT driver assessor will liaise with Vic Roads to obtain authority to proceed with the OT driver assessment.
  • Complete an Off-road evaluation and an On-road test in a dual controlled vehicle with a qualified Driving Instructor.


The OT driver assessor is required to provide a report and recommendations to VicRoads. Recommendations may include:

  • Safe and independent to drive
  • Safe to drive with individualised driving conditions
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Additional driving lessons and an OT driver re-test following completion of goal directed driving lessons outlined and monitored by the OT driver assessor.


What if I need modifications to my car?

If vehicle modifications/hand controls are required, our OT driver assessors will discuss your options with you and if determined that assistive technology is the most beneficial route, then we do our research and use our extensive clinical expertise to ensure we find the most suitable solution for you. After completing the necessary trials, the OT will submit a detailed application to the NDIS to outline all the justifications as to why this driving technology/equipment is reasonable and necessary.

What if I need more lessons?

The OT driver assessor is also able discuss and make recommendations with regards to NDIS funding for Specialised Driving Lessons if it is considered that the individual requires such input as a result of their disability.

Our OT driver assessment service is provided from both our Frankston and Brighton Clinics.


Vehicle Modifications:

The NDIS will fund changes to a vehicle or installation of equipment in a vehicle to increase the safety and accessibility for the participant and their carer(s) when transferring, driving, or travelling in the vehicle.

These may include:

  • Enabling vehicle access with or without a wheelchair
  • Supporting wheelchair transfers in and out of the vehicle without lifting/carrying
  • Promoting safe transportation when seated in the wheelchair
  • Facilitating driving of the vehicle with specialised controls or other adaptions

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