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Occupational Therapy (OT) driver assessors have an additional qualification in driver assessment and rehabilitation and are registered with VicRoads. This allows them to help their clients to either obtain a drivers licence, or to ensure that current drivers maintain their ability to drive safely. An OT driver assessment may be required due to the potential impact of a medical condition or disability on driving skills or concern about driver behaviour. OT driver assessors provide a means to assess the ability of a physically or cognitively impaired person to drive safely.

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The OT driver assessment process is in two parts:

  1. Off-Road Assessment (up to 2 hours, clinic based): This helps to determine preparedness for driving. It includes medical and driving history, physical, cognitive and visual assessments and a test of road law knowledge.
  2. On-road driving test (up to 1.5 hours, with up to 1 hour of actual driving): This is performed to evaluate actual driving skills. It is completed on a separate day, in a dual controlled car with both a driving instructor and your OT driver assessor.

A dual-control car is used to ensure safety for the driver and other road users.

After the OT driver assessment process is complete, the OT driver assessor makes a recommendation to VicRoads.

VicRoads make the decision regarding licensing.

With client consent, we will send the referrer a copy of our OT driver assessment report.

[toggle title=”Possible Outcomes” group=”OT”]

  • Resume driving unconditionally
  • Resume driving with some vehicle modifications
  • Resume driving with some licence restrictions
  • Required to take driving lessons to improve driving skills, or to familiarise with adaptive equipment
  • Recommended to wait until further recovery or improvement occurs
  • Additional on-road test required
  • Found to be unsafe to continue (or to resume) driving

[toggle title=”Who can refer” group=”OT”]
An OT driver assessment can be initiated by:

  • GPs and Specialists
  • OTs or other health professionals
  • Clients, their families or carers

[toggle title=”How to refer” group=”OT”]

  • Please fax/email your referral directly to our office
  • A VicRoads medical report is required
  • A VicRoads Eyesight or Specialist report may also be required
  • Please include relevant past medical history, current medications
  • We will liaise with VicRoads directly for authority to proceed

[toggle title=”Funding” group=”OT”]

  • Approval is organised for compensable (TAC & Work Cover) clients
  • Private health insurance extras may cover OT consultations
  • VicRoads and Medicare do not fund OT driver assessments

[toggle title=”We are registered with the following agencies” group=”OT”]

  • VicRoads
  • TAC
  • Work Cover
  • DVA
  • Medicare Australia
  • Private Health funds
  • SWEP

[toggle title=”Contact Us” group=”OT”]
Clinic: 25 Yuille Street Frankston South 3199
Postal: PO Box 5134 Frankston South 3199
Office: (03) 8707 0830
Fax: (03) 8707 0778
Email: info@activeonegroup.com
Website: www.activeonegroup.com

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