It was a beautiful day for a picnic but a little warm to run a marathon. That didn’t stop our EPs Marc, Mary and Trent joining the largest ever number of marathon entrants to run the Melbourne Marathon. Mary had inspired her sister to run her first marathon and planned to pace her throughout the run, Marc was running his first with the unfortunate situation of an injury hampering his preparation and Trent had planned to run it off the back of very limited training.

Marc and Trent started out at a similar pace and consequently bumped into one another a couple of kms from the start line, running together for the next 2-3 km.

Mary was unsighted by the boys until a little commotion took place in the pack.  A runner hit the deck hard, tripping over a fallen post on the ground coming up by the pits of the Grand prix track. To Trent’s surprise, the runner just happened to be Mary, laying on the deck, nearly trampled by the thousands running behind and looking a little shaken and grazed from the fall!

“Hi Mary, what happened there!?” Being the veteran of over 10 marathons, this little hiccup didn’t stop her. She recovered well though and paced her sister to finish her first marathon in a very respectable 4 hours and 2 minutes.

The boys separated after about 6km with Trent running 3 hour 52 minutes and Marc battling knee pain to come in at 4 hours and 13 minutes.

Our team were well supported by Trent’s mum and dad, Jill and George, wife Georgia and 2 children Grace and Madi.

Their encouragement throughout the race was priceless!

Mary, “This marathon was my 11th however sister’s first ever marathon and I was so excited to be running it with her.  I also knew Marc was running his first and Trent would be running too.  I was busy looking at the other runners around Albert Park and next thing I know I tripped on a post laying on the ground.  I went flying and managed to not injure myself and next thing I know who was standing next to me?  The boss!  Trent helped me up and I was a little shaken but nothing broken so off I went.  Running a marathon you realise brings people of all shapes, sizes, age, sex and ethnicity together.  It’s so inspiring to see so many first timers get through their first marathon, but also those people for whom running is a struggle.”

Marc, “This was my first marathon and I was quite determined early in my training and kept increasing my speed and distance. I wanted to achieve a good time in the marathon but probably increased the intensity of my training too quickly and I injured my knee a little over a month before the marathon. After investing so much time into training it was very disappointing to think I may not be able to run so I invested a lot of time into rehabbing my knee. Event the day of the marathon I was unsure if I would be able to complete the distance so I took it slow and steady and managed to finish. It was a great day everyone was very encouraging, I had my wife and some friends giving me support and cheering me on but it was all the strangers that were so motivating. Having these people I had never met giving me encouragement was special and it definitely helped when someone gave me an icy pole when it was getting hard on the final kilometres. It was a fantastic day and I will definitely be doing it again to see what I can achieve without a knee injury.”

Trent, “My preparation was a little different to last year. Last year I trained hard and ran 3 hours 7 minutes. This year I was a little time poor and hoped that a one year taper would be enough to break 4 hours! I achieved that with plenty of time to spare so I was pleased with my run. It was warm and humid, so not ideal but the atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed having the flexibility to stop with my family for a drink and some banter several times along the way! Running into the MCG with thousands in attendance is amazing, and with that you somehow find the strength and energy to finish your run strongly. It is a great experience and incredibly satisfying to complete a challenge like this. I would encourage anyone to give it a go, even if they walk it.”

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