Your home is your sanctuary, our OTs will help you make it as safe as possible.

Home Safety Assessment

When returning home from hospital or experiencing changes in how you are managing your life at home, our Occupational Therapists can support your needs through identification of potential safety hazards within your home environment.


Our Occupational Therapists are experts in understanding how your conditions may impact on your daily life and can provide recommendations for appropriate equipment, home modifications or hazard reduction strategies that may be appropriate for your current needs. At Active One we pride ourselves on utilising a client centred approach with each of our clients by assessing your skills and limitations in daily tasks within your home, and working with you to support your needs!


What does the OT assess?

During the Home Safety Assessment, our Occupational Therapists may focus on tasks you do in:

  • Your bathroom (e.g. showering, bathing, toileting completing self-care tasks)
  • Your kitchen (e.g. meal preparation, cooking, washing dishes)
  • Living Room (e.g. transferring on and off couch, housework)
  • Backyard (e.g. gardening, looking after pets)
  • Entrance/exits (e.g. getting in the front and back doors, walking up steps)


After looking at each of these areas, the OT can support you to find solutions that will assist you completing your tasks at home safely and as independently as possible.

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