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Most people know exercise is good for them and understand that there is more to exercise than just walking. However, often the challenge for people is knowing where to start, especially if you have some health issues, an injury or lack the confidence or knowledge to exercise independently.

We currently offer a variety of class times in Frankston, Brighton, Mornington and Hastings. Our service offerings are expanding!

Whilst we work with fit, healthy people, we also help people who have more complex medical conditions or history, where specialist knowledge and experience is required to ensure safe and effective exercise prescription. This is why Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and other Health Professionals refer to us at Active One. Often with medical referrals, Medicare funded programs can be utilised that contribute to our private fees.

As Exercise Physiologists, we have the education and experience to help you achieve your goals.


Medicare funding is available for Group Exercise if you have Type 2 Diabetes and your doctor signs the correct referral form.
Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card holders may be eligible for group exercise with an appropriate referral form (D904) and a suitable condition listed for us to treat.

Private Health Funds may give you a rebate for group exercise (Medibank Private is not one of them). If you are unhappy with your fund not rebating group exercise it may be worthwhile shopping around as many do.

WorkSafe and TAC may also fund our group exercise if clinically justified.

Why Group Exercise?

It’s social, it’s fun.

People stay interested because of the social and enjoyable atmosphere provided by group exercise. There is both camaraderie and accountability among participants, as well as between participants and the Exercise Physiologists.

Over the last decade, there have been countless lifelong friendships forged via our Active One Group Exercise Program.

It’s inspiring!

Many of our clients have achieved amazing results. Would you be inspired by training with someone who has lost over half their body weight? What about someone in their 80’s or 90’s who is fitter and stronger than many people half their age! Or perhaps you would be inspired by training with someone who works incredibly hard, who pushes their body to the limit and despite going through treatment for cancer, NEVER complains…divider-dotted

group exercise classes active oneIt’s motivational.

You lock in a set time or making an appointment if you like and this increases the likelihood of you attending. In contrast, you can exercise ANY TIME at home, but unfortunately, there are always other things to do, so most people just never quite get around to it!

It’s varied.

Every session we run will be different from your last. The exercises will be different, many of which you will have never done before, the format of the program different, the intervals of work and rest will be different. The research and our experience suggest that if you keep doing the same routine your body tends to plateau and your improvements diminish gradually over time. However, by constantly changing things, we ensure this doesn’t happen, we see ongoing results and our programs are more interesting.


It’s tailored to suit you.

Many of our clients come to us with a combination of a chronic disease (or two) and a few aches and pains. We adapt the program depending on our clients’ individual needs. At times, we may prescribe an alternative exercise to aid in the
rehabilitation of an injury or we may suggest a completely different exercise to work around knee pain, poor balance or a sore back.

It’s ready to go.

You just have to show up with a positive attitude, participate and have fun, we do the rest. This is great for people with limited knowledge about safe and effective exercise programming. When people exercise on their own, they often skip portions of a workout they know less about or they find very difficult. These are often the exercises they need most! So rather than you sticking just to your favourite exercises, we ensure all aspects of physical conditioning are covered.

It’s at the right intensity.

We factor in your goals, medical history, injury status, fitness, strength levels and personality to create an environment
where you will be suitably challenged. We have clients that will train significantly harder under our supervision whilst others may need to slow down at times, get the technique right before they can step up their intensity. Generally speaking, most clients train harder under our supervision when compared to training independently. This equals RESULTS.

You have regular access to an Exercise Physiologist.

We can act as a weekly resource for you. If you have any questions about suitable exercises or stretches for home we can
help you. And with the regular encouragement in group training, we find our clients tend to engage in other healthy behaviours outside of class. Our group exercise programs offer a workout for people of all levels and all ages. With a large variety of classes, we can suggest the right program for you to maximise your improvement.

Contact our office to enquire about classes near your practice or residence,  for more information or to book your initial appointment – 8707 0830.


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