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This program is FREE, it’s funded by Victorian State Government. It was designed by Diabetes Australia Victoria and started around 8 years ago. We have been a provider organisation since its inception and have had some outstanding results, including 2 ladies losing over 50kg in weight.

Other results include improvements in blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and feelings of wellness and vitality.

The program was designed to help educate and motivate people to make healthier choices and in doing so, avoid the onset of type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

At Active One, we encourage anyone at risk to join these workshops as we know the potentially life-changing impact it can have. So why not give us a call – 8707 0830, your life may depend on it!

Key points

Comprehensive Needs AssessmentsThe program is FREE! Designed to help you make healthy lifestyle changes and improve your quality of life. For many people, it helps them LOSE WEIGHT. Often helps IMPROVE CHOLESTEROL, BLOOD GLUCOSE AND BLOOD PRESSURE. Often improves overall HEALTH and VITALITY.

Program Format

Sessions are held fortnightly over 8 weeks i.e. 4 sessions in 8 weeks. Four months separate sessions 4 and 5 – this is a final session review of progress. Despite many people thinking they “know all this stuff already” or they “don’t need it” we find all people benefit from the program. The program helps MOTIVATE you to APPLY YOUR KNOWLEDGE.  The key components to the course are:

  • EDUCATION – everyone will learn something new – it could be new exercises or learning about some of the “nasties” found in common processed foods.
  • MOTIVATIONget inspired to make some small but important changes.
  • Taking the time to set goals and CREATE A DETAILED PLAN OF ACTION. 
  • Sessions are facilitated by Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Diabetes Educators

Program Overview 

Session 1: Explanation of the physiology of diabetes, heart attack and stroke and the influence of diet, exercise and other factors in preventing these conditions. Simple light exercises are demonstrated and time will be spent setting achievable short-term lifestyle goals.

Session 2: Dietitian goes into greater detail about healthy eating; looking at suitable portion control this is a hands on session that you will find most practical and helpful.

Session 3:  A supermarket tour with some great practical shopping ideas, participants always find this session extremely beneficial and enlightening – the amount of sugar, fat and/or salt in processed food will shock you!

Session 4: An Exercise Physiologist presents a session on exercises that can help you achieve your goals regardless of how fit or unfit you are. Stress and the impact of poor sleep are also addressed – weight and waist are measured and long-term goals are set.

Session 5 (4 months after session 4): Review of progress – weight, waist, exercise and diet all measured again and a discussion had about the challenges of changing your lifestyle.

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