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Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are specialist in prescribing clinical exercise programs to clients with chronic health conditions, musculoskeletal injuries or high risk clients who want to improve their health, fitness and strength.

Our Exercise Physiologists are incredibly passionate about helping people improve their activity and exercise regimes to enhance their quality of life. Using a combination of evidence-based exercises, movements and stretches our Exercise Physiologists create self-improvement plans designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We often do this in consultation with our team of health professionals, like Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Dietitians, Diabetes Educators and Occupational Therapists.

With this input, we tend to look at the bigger picture of chronic disease or injury, ensuring that we create the most thorough strategies and programs possible.

Why exercise?

No single intervention has greater promise than exercise to reduce the risk of virtually all chronic diseases simultaneously (Booth et al. Journal of Applied Physiology).

Health benefits of physical activity and common conditions our Exercise Physiologists treat include:

  • Premature all-cause mortality risk reduced by 50%
  • Cardiovascular disease risk reduced by up to 50%
  • Hypertension prevention and management – up to 50% reduction in risk
  • Stroke risk reduced by up to 30%
  • Cancer risk (colon, breast) reduced by up to 60%
  • Type 2 diabetes prevention (risk reduced by 30-50%) and management
  • Osteoarthritis management – pain control, maintenance of muscle strength, joint structure and function
  • Osteoporosis risk reduction and hip fracture 38-45% lower in older people
  • Falls risk in the elderly reduced
  • Weight management and reduction (when combined with dietary changes)
  • Mental illness (anxiety, depression and subjective feelings of stress) prevention and management.

In addition to treating (or helping to prevent) the above chronic diseases, we commonly treat conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Multiple SclerosisParkinson’s DiseaseChronic painFibromyalgiaChronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Even given the countless benefits of appropriate exercise 66.9% of the population still aren’t doing enough. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics this physical inactivity has contributed to 16,178 deaths in 2011/2012.

The evidence is clear and our experience backs it up, exercise helps almost everything! If any of our points above are relevant to you and you would like to improve, simply give our office a call TODAY on 8707 0830 to make your first appointment.

Group Exercise Programs

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Most people know exercise is good for them and understand that there is more to exercise than just walking. However, often the challenge for people is knowing where to start, especially if you have some health issues, an injury or lack the confidence or knowledge to exercise independently.

We currently offer a variety of class times in Frankston, Brighton, Mornington and Hastings. Our service offerings are expanding!

Whilst we work with fit, healthy people, we also help people who have more complex medical conditions or history, where specialist knowledge and experience is required to ensure safe and effective exercise prescription. This is why Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and other Health Professionals refer to us at Active One. As Exercise Physiologists, we have the education and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Read More about Group Exercise at Active One

Exercise and Cancer Treatment

Traditionally cancer patients were advised to rest and avoid activity during treatment but the current recommendations advise patients to stay as physically active as their condition will allow. Research continues to support exercise as a medicine for any cancer patient and has many benefits.

People who exercise regularly while undergoing cancer treatments can experience significantly less severe side effects and an improved quality of life. This includes being less fatigued and nauseous, as well as reducing the risk of lymphedema, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety. While reducing these risks exercise will also improve muscle mass, balance, sleep and functional ability.

Exercise is not only good for combating side effects but it can also help treat some cancers. Research has shown exercise can improve the effectiveness of some treatments, improving the survival rates significantly.

At Active One we offer group and individualised services for our cancer clients. These services are tailored to individuals depending on there type of cancer, treatment and fitness levels.


Workplace Programs

We work closely with employers to conduct pre-employment screenings, functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments, manual handling training and return to work plans.

These services complement our Exercise Physiology led Healthy Workforce Programs to enhance employee job satisfaction, health, wellness and productivity.

These services are often performed in combination with Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy input. Together we form a fantastic team of practitioners that tackle the different aspects of Work Health which again leads to the best possible outcomes.

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Exercise Physiology – Frankston, Brighton Servicing Melbourne

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