The analysis of a task and an individual’s daily activities gives our OTs a comprehensive look into the clients’ lives and how we can assist them.

Complex Functional and Support Needs Assessments


What is a Complex functional and support needs assessments?

Complex functional and support needs assessments refer to comprehensive assessment that analyses an individual’s functional performance in all areas of personal care, domestic, vocational, educational and recreational activities in and around a person’s the home and their community. This can include performing in-depth functional assessments relating to specific activities of daily living (ADLs), such as budgeting, preparing a shopping list, grocery shopping, money handling, road safety skills, safety within the community and meal preparation.

We gain information about the participants medical history, physical functioning, accessibility of home environment, assistive technology use and level of support required to safely and independently perform ADLs.


What do these assessments show?

These assessments;

  • Provide detailed evidence regarding a person’s support needs
  • Identify strengths and difficulties that a person may experience when completing their daily activities.
  • Provide clinical rationale and recommendations about strategies, supports, accommodation, aides and equipment, and home modifications which aim at promoting a greater level of independence and quality of life.


A comprehensive report is compiled to outline the participant’s functional capacity, care needs, recommendation for supports, home modifications or assistive technology and appropriate housing recommendations to support independent living

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