Congratulations to Russell Anderson, one of our most loved clients, for completing 30 exercise classes in 35 days to close out 2018. A great effort!

For such an amazing effort over the past couple of months we have decided to celebrate Russell’s achievements by making him our client of the month.

“Russ” started at Active One in 2016, with a need to address his poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. He suffered a heart attack during exercise at his local gym in 2012, and had reservations about returning to a physically lifestyle in the years following. However, Russ has found that under the guidance of medically trained Exercise Physiologists he was able to return to his exercise with confidence and is stronger and fitter for all his hard work.

Russ has spent the past two years progressively building up his exercise capacity under supervision of our team. Over this time he has acquired a much improved cardio-metabolic risk factor profile and his diabetes is well under control. As an added bonus, his previously troublesome shoulders and lower back no longer limit him from lifting a heavy weight or performing strenuous work around home.

Russ has made a lot of friends while in the Active One exercise group and these friends are a big reason why his motivation is still high after the years. He is a great inspiration for his friends and everyone else around Active One who see his commitment and the results that he has achieved.

All the best for the year ahead Russ, keep up the great work!

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