Liz and Cliff have been exercising in our classes for almost two years. At our Christmas party last year Liz was talking to our Exercise Physiologist Marc about her continuing lower back pain that was not improving with the class exercises. After further discussions on the importance of tailoring the exercise and technique for individuals with specific injuries Liz booked in for an assessment with Marc early this year.

Since then Liz and Cliff have been completing weekly individual appointments with Marc. Over the last 6 months Liz has been able to improve her core strength and has learnt how to reduce the stress on her lower back in day to day activities. Liz has reported her daily pain has decreased dramatically and she is now able to complete more tasks throughout the day without aggravation.

Cliff has also reported improvements to his strength, fitness and balance above what he was achieving in the group exercise classes. He believes that 30 minutes of exercise done with Marc is more challenging that the hour of exercise in the groups because of the increased intensity. However, they are both still attending the group exercise classes every week for continued benefit.

It has been wonderful to see the improvements Liz and Cliff have made this year and we are very proud to have helped them achieve their goals. Liz and Cliff are caravanning on holiday over the next 3 months and with their new strength they plan to see more and do more while not have to worry about lower back pain.

We are looking forward to their return and hearing all about their holiday.

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