Dianna Daly – My story to date..

Almost a year ago I had an accident [fall from my horse] leaving me broken and lost..  I had a helicopter ride to the Alfred being in ICU for a week then transferred to the Austin spinal hospital for 3 weeks then to Talbot rehab..

My beautiful happy little world as I knew it was gone just like that.

I had fractured ribs, broken back, and spinal cord damage amongst other injuries leaving me a T4 paraplegic.

My aim in rehab was to work as hard as I could to go home back to my happy place. Over the next few months I lost a lot of weight and never felt quite well put it down to this new injury, before doctors discovered another serious problem with myself headed back to ICU at Austin as I was in Ketosis and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

It was a tough time being back in hospital, with support from my amazing husband, family and friends I conjured up a bit of fight to quickly sort the diabetes as I classified this a secondary problem to paraplegia and needed to get back to rehab before I lost my bed. It was my only way to get home. So fight I did, was back at rehab a week later and feeling a lot better smashing my goals like I should have been.

Five months away from home was pretty gruelling but I made it, then in some ways the hard part began again.

Being home was so comforting but transitioning into this new life was quite frustrating, I could not access my property as I used to or get out past the verandah, no driving no nurses to help. Trying to maintain independence and prove I was still useful to others when sometimes I felt so useless.

I had troubles getting into physio and OT before we were lucky enough to find Active One through a friend of my husband. Thank our lucky stars that we did, this team are just fantastic!! I cannot speak highly enough of Trent, Marc and Bec they are warm and welcoming, you are not a number in this lovely atmosphere it feels like home. They really care and think outside of the box with my exercise program and I am so grateful for their help.

I can do so much more with my new found strength to live independently and without them I would not achieve this. And then my beautiful OT Tania Willey so professional, attention to detail, really listens to help me reach my goals of driving and again more independence.

It has nearly been 12 months I am working from home, laughing with friends and family, exercising and living life again. I still have a bit of work to do and goals to reach,  but I discovered so many things about myself and people around me, life is truly a gift and your mind your most powerful tool. My legs to date don’t work although my mind finds ways of getting things done. Some days are easy and some days are tough just like anything, but how you choose to deal with it gives you the final outcome. So for now I will keep working with all the opportunities I have to better myself just like I used to do before my accident.


Dianna has been a truly inspiring client of ours. She has an amazing attitude after suffering her accident and is determined to improve in her health. In the short time Dianna has been with us she has significantly improved her strength and fitness. She has already started achieving her goals and has recently started back at work, is now transferring without assistance and she is starting to get back to driving. With her mindset we are sure she can achieve anything.




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