Alan has been with Active One for over 10 years.  He was referred by his GP for management of T2DM and osteoarthritis.  Alan has a condition which is called diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) which causes his spine to fuse.  This makes normal daily tasks, such as picking things up from the ground very difficult.  Alan regularly attends our group classes and hydrotherapy to improve his strength, mobility and fitness.  Alan also has 5 individual medicare sessions every year where he likes to concentrate on stretching and spinal mobility.

During COVID-19 lockdown Alan and his wife have been staying home and have not seen their family.  Alan has kept up his daily walks but cannot wait to get out for a drive and get out of the house when lockdown is over. Interestingly Alan said that his HbA1c has increased since COVID-19 due to his lack of movement. To counteract this Alan has been attending our zoom exercise classes 5 times per week. He has been apart of nearly every zoom exercise class we have run, which is why he is our client of the month.

Alan’s favourite exercise is anything where he can achieve more stretch and movement.  His most dreaded exercise is the rower as he always seems to get a cramp.

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