Client Testimonial – Dee

My first meeting back in October 2018 was with Michael Freeman. Having been given the news that due to my chronic arthritic pain I could no longer continue at my gym of choice where I really enjoyed my Zumba classes, I was quite upset. I really couldn’t see how this back room in Yuille street with a few bits of gear was ever going to measure up to the gym I used to enjoy. Frankly, […]

Client of the month – Liz and Cliff

Liz and Cliff have been exercising in our classes for almost two years. At our Christmas party last year Liz was talking to our Exercise Physiologist Marc about her continuing lower back pain that was not improving with the class exercises. After further discussions on the importance of tailoring the exercise and technique for individuals with specific injuries Liz booked in for an assessment with Marc early this year. Since then Liz and Cliff have […]

Client of the Month – Kathleen Lillis

This month our fabulous client from Brighton, Kathleen, has written a very nice testimonial that we would love to share with the community. Thank you for your kind words Kathleen and congratulations on all that you have achieved with your health and fitness. We look forward to helping you continue along your journey and we are looking forward to seeing how far you go. My journey with Active One in Brighton began in July 2018 […]

Client of the month – Russell Anderson

Congratulations to Russell Anderson, one of our most loved clients, for completing 30 exercise classes in 35 days to close out 2018. A great effort! For such an amazing effort over the past couple of months we have decided to celebrate Russell’s achievements by making him our client of the month. “Russ” started at Active One in 2016, with a need to address his poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. He suffered a heart attack during […]

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