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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes and prevents 1.4 million people from living a full life

because of disability caused by the disease. It claimed the lives of 45,600 Australians (31% of all deaths) in 2011 – deaths that are largely preventable.

As Exercise Physiologists, we can have an enormous influence on these outcomes if we can engage more people to exercise and exercise right. With the right exercise prescription, evidence suggests that exercise improves the hearts capacity to pump blood and the blood vessels to dilate.

This is consistent with better vascular wall function and an improved ability to provide oxygen to the muscles during exercise. These adaptations typically lead to improved blood pressure, cholesterol and a range of other factors that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“People who don’t improve their lifestyle after having a heart attack are almost four times more likely to have another heart event or die within six months,” according to new research from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

Our Work in Cardiac Rehabilitation

We have been providing an Exercise Physiology service to Peninsula Private’s Cardiac Rehab Program for over 10 years.  We design and facilitate a dynamic, science-based, group exercise program for cardiac patients with a whole range of different cardiovascular conditions.

Exercise is the cornerstone of rehabilitation after a cardiac event and should continue throughout life to reduce the risk of a secondary event.

Given our expertise in this area, many Cardiac Rehab Participants choose to continue with Active One privately after finishing their 8 week program. That way, they can be assured they are exercising in a safe environment where exercise prescription is tailored to suit their individual needs. And attending our group exercise programs tends to have a motivating affect, such that our clients increase their home exercise as well. Interested in Group Exercise?

There are a variety of session times available in Brighton, Frankston, Mornington and Hastings (through Beleura Health Solutions).

Don’t hesitate to give our office a call to book in for a FREE trial today! 

National Heart Foundation of Australia

exercise activeoneThe World Health Organisation and the Heart Foundation recommends that all patients who have had a heart attack, heart surgery, coronary angioplasty or other heart or blood vessel disease should be routinely referred to an appropriate cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program.

“Increased uptake of cardiac rehabilitation will save lives and reduce medical related costs. Cardiac Rehabilitation reduces mortality, accelerates recovery, improves clinical outcomes (e.g. improved cholesterol, blood pressure), improves behavioural outcomes (e.g. exercise tolerance, smoking cessation) reduces repeat cardiovascular events and hospital readmissions, strengthens adherence to medication and enhances mental health and quality of life.” – National Heart Foundation of Australia.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation – Frankston, Brighton Serving Melbourne

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