Brian Russell

Brian first attended our clinic 6 months ago to help manage his type 2 diabetes. He started his Active One journey with Vanessa our diabetes educator who started him off on his health journey.

Brian had enjoyed running in the past but was unable to continue exercising at those higher intensities due to lower back pain. From working in health for many years Brian understood the importance of exercise but was not sure what he could do with his back.

Soon after starting with Vanessa, Brian joined our group exercise classes. Under the guidance of our Exercise Physiologists Brian was able to not only improve his blood glucose control but he also reduce his back pain. He improved his core control to the point where he has been able to start back regular running without any back pain.

When he started in our exercise class Brian had a couple of goals to achieve. He has reached his first goal of running up Oliver’s Hill and is well on the way to achieving his second goal of getting under 70kg. After starting at 89.5kg we think that Brian has already achieved fantastic results by getting down to 75kg in the last 6 months.
Congratulations Brian we are looking forward to seeing what you achieve next.

Thank you for inspiring all of our clients.

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