Bob McLellan is one of our move loved clients at 83 years old he is truly inspiring and we wanted to share his story for all to hear. Bob has been attending our exercise classes twice per week for nearly 10 years after first meeting Trent at cardiac rehab. He had undergone a triple bypass surgery and after finishing his rehab he continued exercising with Active One in Frankston. He found so much benefit from the exercise classes that he continued even after moving up to Brighton. Bob loves our classes at Active One for the variety and finds the social aspect extremely beneficial too.

Bob attributes his high level of fitness to a love of exercise and jogging for 1 hour every day in his younger years. He has run a marathon and also canoed in the Red Cross Murray marathon paddling event which consisted of 5 days and 400km of canoeing.

Bob’s next adventure will take him to Papua New Guinea where he plans on walking the Kokoda trail next year. This is all that more impressive since Bob had a total knee replacement earlier this year. He has been walking the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs and now is riding his bike most days of the week.

We are looking forward to seeing Bob’s progress and we are sure he will complete the hike without any problems because of all the hard work he has been putting it.

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