COVID-19 Update This is not what I wanted to be writing about today. I had just nearly finished putting together a blog post welcoming everyone back to exercise classes and being thankful for the return to normality when “pow” we are hit again with further COVID-19 restrictions. It was fantastic to have our exercise classes running again (even if it was for only a couple of weeks). Everyone who attended the groups were very positive
COVID-19 and Active One We recognise and understand now maybe a stressful time for many people. We are carefully monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking extra precautions to continue to make Active One Health Clinics a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. The wellbeing of our clients and colleagues is always our top priority. As such, we want to assure you: We are keeping up to date with Department of Health Information for
Dianna Daly – My story to date.. Almost a year ago I had an accident [fall from my horse] leaving me broken and lost..  I had a helicopter ride to the Alfred being in ICU for a week then transferred to the Austin spinal hospital for 3 weeks then to Talbot rehab.. My beautiful happy little world as I knew it was gone just like that. I had fractured ribs, broken back, and spinal cord
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Deadlift – what is the verdict? The deadlift is one of the most beneficial and functional exercises that should be incorporated in most exercise programs. But the deadlift has always suffered a poor reputation for causing lower back injuries which scares most people off attempting them. However research on the topic often reports the exact opposite saying deadlifts can improve our lower back health. Deadlifts are fantastic for improving strength in the posterior chain, including;
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What is Occupational Therapy? Got an Occupational Therapy assessment coming up and not sure what to expect? Or maybe you always wanted to know how OT’s can help you and your family? In a 2019 Australian study, researchers found that only 10% of participants could provide a good or advanced description of occupational therapy (Rahja & Laver, 2019). That’s a bit of a problem! We get it, Occupational Therapy can sound quite confusing, as we work
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