10 Ways to Give Your Metabolism a Boost

Metabolism. It’s the interesting word that rolls off our tongues whenever we mention health, exercise, diets, and fat-burning. But how does the metabolism factor into fitness?

In short, your metabolism is the physiological process involved in converting the calories from your food and drink into energy. It converts energy to be used in all sorts of functions, like blood circulation, brain function, breathing, and digestion. Since most of these processes are pretty consistent, your metabolism — or basal metabolic rate — stays about the same unless you give it a push. Here are 10 ways you can boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

1. Drink water
Since the human body is approximately two-thirds water, quenching your thirst with H2O has a multitude of benefits.

Lubricating the joints, reducing headaches, and flushing out toxins are just a few of the benefits of hydrating with water. Furthermore, water consumption boosts your metabolic rate within 10 minutes of drinking by about 30 percent. Drinking before you eat can even help you feel fuller while consuming less.

2. Drink coffee
According to numerous research studies, caffeine can increase the body’s energy expenditure for as long as 24 hours, revving the metabolism and helping with weight management. However, there are some health concerns associated with drinking too much coffee. See your doctor about the appropriate amount you should be consume each day.

3. Drink green tea
Green tea
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Kanko.

In addition to the caffeine content of this superfood, green tea also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory catechins that assist your metabolism. One study showed significant decreases in body weight and inches loss off the waistline in a group of green tea drinkers.

4. Eat breakfast
It’s not called the most important meal of the day for no reason. If you are used to skipping breakfast, don’t. Loading up on lean protein and fiber within an hour of waking up can kick-start your metabolism to burn more throughout the day.

5. Eat spicy foods
A little-known ingredient in peppers called capsaicin provides a temporary launch of your metabolism. Eat something a tad spicy with breakfast for an even greater metabolic increase.

6. Cook with coconut oil
As contradictory as it sounds, eating the right kind of fats can positively affect your body’s fat-burning abilities. Non-hydrogenated coconut oil and other medium-chain saturated fats are healthy fats that help to promote metabolic activity.

7. Get lots of sleep
Fitness Sleeping Tips

Anything less than the recommended 7-plus hours per night can wreak havoc on your health, and slow down your metabolism. Sleep deprivation is also linked to universal public health concerns like obesity and diabetes.

8. Laugh!
It’s said to be medicine for the soul, and, apparently, the body, too.

Whether it’s obtained by hanging out with your silly friend who keeps you bowled over in fits, or by viewing cute memes or YouTube videos, laughter provides your metabolism with a wonderful spike.

9. Strength train
Many women often shy away from lifting weights for fear of bulking up. Failing to lift causes you to miss out on much-needed metabolic assistance. The greater muscle mass you have, the higher amounts of calories you burn all day long — even while resting.

10. Fidget
Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is any amount of energy expended as a result of not exercising.

One of those quirky ways you can burn calories and not break a sweat is by fidgeting. Whether it’s bouncing your knee or spinning a pen periodically, any extra body movement is giving your metabolism a lift.


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