How many drinks is too much?

Drinking will shorten your life, according to a study that suggests every glass of wine or pint of beer over the daily recommended limit will cut down life expectancy. Many people believe that a glass of wine (or 2-3) a day is healthy for their heart but one drink per day may be too much.

Moderate drinkers are now considered less healthy in a new study which suggests we should not be consuming more than 6 glasses of wine or cans of beer a week.

These new guidelines come from investigating studies that have included nearly 600,000 drinkers across 19 countries including 11,000 Australians. They concluded that the more you drink, the higher your risk of death. Heavy drinkers can shave years off their life but drinking more than 100 grams of pure alcohol (10 standard drinks) a week puts you at risk.

A person aged 40 who drinks 10 to 20 standard drinks a week knocks six months off their life. Heavier drinkers who consume more than 35 standard drinks a week reduced their life expectancy by four to five years.

This is important to note because the previous guideline of healthy drinking stated 1-2 drinks per day. Now after this study we know people who followed these recommendations are at a 5% increased risk of death.

Alcohol is associated with increased risk of liver, gut and heart diseases as well as dementia and cancers. Making small changes to your alcohol consumption can make a dramatic difference to your health.

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