Tweet Embed Post Yup we even have support for the new twitter embed post type - simply add a url to your favorite tweet and it will show here, fully styled, with all the regular features you expect from a twitter with reply, retweet etc - cool stuffs!

Standard Post Format

Welcome to the good ol’ standard post format – you can add a featured image or not, type your post and link to articles and even place inline images or a fancy lightbox powered standard wordpress gallery to your post.

Audio Post Format

WordPress 3.9 audio playlist Aliquam et nisl vel ligula consectetuer suscipit. Morbi euismod enim eget neque. Donec sagittis massa. Vestibulum quis augue sit amet ipsum laoreet pretium. Nulla facilisi. Duis tincidunt, felis et luctus placerat, ipsum libero vestibulum sem, vitae elementum wisi ipsum a metus. Nulla a enim sed dui hendrerit lobortis.

Video Post Format

WordPress 3.9 video playlist Example of a post with using a video from Youtube, it uses the Video Post Type feature of WordPress in all it’s glory and this post uses the full width template for beautiful large videos for greater impact- if you haven’t already noticed you can choose which template per page or post also.

Gallery Post Format

Example of a Post Type of Gallery in WordPress – this will automatically gather any attached images to a post and display them as a slider both here on the blog index page and also the individual post page – also note that if your category for the homepage loop is chosen, your gallery images will be displayed in a slider as well. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi commodo, ipsum sed […]

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