Group Exercise Classes

Classes are open to any patients (typically over 50) in need of motivation to exercise in a non-threatening environment, supervised by highly qualified exercise physiologists.



Group allied health services under Medicare for patients with type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes are eligible for 8 FREE (after Medicare rebate) group exercise classes per calendar year – when referred by their GP.

  • There must be a GPMP in place (721 or review – 732) prior to referral
  • Patients referred for group services do not need to have a Team Care Arrangement (item 723) in place

These sessions (in our case exercise classes) must be facilitated by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Prior to commencing the program, patients must do a one on one consultation with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to assess their suitability. This consultation is also claimable through Medicare. These services are provided IN ADDITION to the 5 individual allied health Medicare funded sessions.

We have been very successful in improving the health of patients with type 2 diabetes (and others without it) as indicated by the testimonials on our website.

Lowered BGLs and HBA1c are commonplace, as are improvements in lipid profile, blood pressure and weight loss.

We currently offer a variety of class times in Hampton, Bentleigh, Frankston, Mt Martha and Berwick. Our service offerings are expanding – please contact our office to enquire about classes near your practice.

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